Sean Ashworth, PhD Joins the Lab

June 13, 2022

Sean Ashworth, PhD from the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University is joining the lab in September this year. Welcome Sean!

Vishal 2021 Paper Published!

May 17, 2021 Our manuscript “Pathogenic alleles in microtubule, secretory granule and extra-cellular matrix related genes in familial keratoconus” by Shinde, Sobreira and others is now in press in Human Molecular Genetics.

RNA sequencing of corneas from two keratoconus patient groups identifies potential biomarkers and decreased NRF2-antioxidant responses

Mapping Keratoconus Molecular Substrates by Multiplexed High-Resolution Proteomics of Unpooled Corneas

“Integrated Stress Response and Decreased ECM in Cultured Stromal Cells From Keratoconus Corneas” manuscript in press